Primary Family Wellbeing Protective Factor: Networks & Social Support

Overarching Goals


Develop a trauma-informed community that recognizes the effects of trauma with a shared understanding and responds in an empathic and helpful way.


Work collaboratively to increase family resiliency and prevent substance abuse, violence and trauma in our community.

Specific Goals

  1. Community agencies, systems and schools are TRAUMA-INFORMED.
  2. Parents of young children (birth to 5)  STRENGTHEN PROTECTIVE FACTORS for their children.
  3. Priority populations grow strong, HEALTHY PEER NETWORKS that support healthy choices.
  4.  All community members and organizations UNDERSTAND THE IMPACT OF ADVERSE CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES and know how to help children, youth, adults and families BUILD RESILIENCE.
  5. Communities build capacity to REDUCE adult HEAVY AND BINGE DRINKING and UNDERAGE ALCOHOL USE, and ELIMINATE the use of ILLEGAL DRUGS and MISUSED PRESCRIPTION DRUGS among youth and adults.
  6. INTERVENTION AND TREATMENT SERVICES for substance abuse and domestic violence are accessible to those who need them.
  7. STRONG BACKBONE SUPPORT sustains this collaborative effort.