Current Projects

ACEs/Resilience Communications Plan

Over the past year, the Resilience Coalition has been developing and testing communication messages and approaches to outreach in order to increase understanding in our community about the impacts of Adverse Childhood, Collective and Cultural experiences-ACEs- and our ability to heal. By sharing this information, we believe we can create a more responsive and compassionate community where:

    • Adverse childhood experiences are less likely to cause lasting damage,
    • Individuals of all ages who have experienced trauma can heal and thrive,
    • We can prevent childhood, collective, and cultural trauma from happening in the first place.

Organizations and individuals who are interested in learning more and helping to share these messages in the community can contact the Resilience Coalition Coordinator.

Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma-Informed Care requires an understanding of the short- and long-term impacts of trauma and a desire to use that knowledge to create physical, psychological, and emotional safety for both staff and people served. In September 2016, a group of eight Southern Kenai Peninsula non-profit organizations, healthcare providers, and educational organizations committed to learn about and implement Trauma-Informed Care practices in their organizations. This process of education, reflection, and innovation is designed to make Homer a community that anticipates and responds to the impacts of trauma on individuals. Organizations and individuals who would like to become part of the ongoing Trauma-Informed Community initiative can contact the Resilience Coalition Coordinator.

Other Current Projects

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