The Southern Kenai Peninsula (SKP) Resilience Coalition is a working group of the Southern Kenai Peninsula’s Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) coalition.  The SKP Resilience Coalition is made up of health and human services organizations, individual community members, and other community groups focused on cultivating healthy relationships and resilient families, free from violence and substance abuse.

Research shows us that healthy relationships have the power to shape our brains and can act as a buffer against tough times for both children and adults.  This is why everyday connections are so important.  As a community, we all play a part in connections and positive relationships that can help our community thrive.

For more ideas on how you can play a part in these connections and learn more about this research, please visit our Resources & Tools section.  

The SKP Resilience Coalition meets monthly on the first Friday of the month.  To get involved, please Contact Us or sign up for our monthly newsletters.